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Lien: Tired of Reading the News? Me Too

By Kayla Lien, Opinion Writer August 1, 2022

  It’s easy to slip into a state of despondency towards the world when you feel like nothing you do matters. These days, I’m focused on one bad thing in the media at a time. COVID-19 cases...

Children embrace their guardian at the protest against the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade at the Utah State Capitol on May 5, 2022. (Photo by Xiangyao Axe Tang | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Bringhurst: Anti-Abortion Advocates Neglect Children

By Maggie Bringhurst, Opinion Writer July 29, 2022

  With abortion restricted or illegal in more than half of the United States, many worry about the consequences of an influx of unwanted babies. Anti-abortion advocates, however, seem confident...

Rape Recovery Center call to action flyer at the Rape Recovery Center, Salt Lake City, Utah on July 21, 2022. (Photo by Amen Koutowobe | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Cushman: Utah’s Abortion Trigger Law Harms SA Survivors

By KC Ellen Cushman, Opinion Writer July 28, 2022

  The overturning of Roe v. Wade has deeply affected all people who can carry children. Among the most impacted, however, are rape survivors. In some states, they now face harsher abortion laws...

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Lien: Log Off: Toxic Game Communities

By Kayla Lien, Opinion Writer July 23, 2022

  Gaming communities contain multitudes of toxicity, including hate speech, verbal abuse and doxxing. Female Twitch streamers like Psyche, PleasantlyTwstd and PikaChulita report being harassed...

Transgender youth sit on the steps at the Utah State Capitol on March 24, 2022 as the crowd surrounding them chanted We love you. (Photo by Carlene Coombs | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Cowley: Trans Bodily Autonomy is Being Threatened

By Elle Cowley, Opinion Writer, Audio Producer July 21, 2022

  The right to bodily autonomy is under threat in the United States. With the landmark ruling of Roe v. Wade being overturned last month, the future of access to reproductive healthcare is extremely...

Celebrating Slava of St. Johns in Belgrade, Serbia. (Photo by Petar Milošević | CC BY-SA 3.0)

Lezaic: Embracing the Growth of Traditions and Culture

By Angela Lezaic, Opinion Writer July 20, 2022

  Growing up, I panicked about my ability to maintain and pass down my culture. I didn’t know or like many Balkan people enough to invite them into my life. I knew only who and what my family...

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Mendenhall: Support Students Experiencing Burnout

By Addison Mendenhall, Opinion Writer July 19, 2022

  College students are prone to burnout, excessive stress and lack of motivation. As a result, students are tired and drained, which leads to not prioritizing schoolwork or academics. It becomes...

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Torres: Learn to Love Networking

By Gaby Torres, Opinion Writer July 18, 2022

  The most influential tool for navigating life is your network. You can build connections with people anywhere. In Fall 2021, the University of Utah had 34,424 students enrolled in total — that...

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Lezaic: Getting the Most Out of College as a Commuter

By Angela Lezaic, Opinion Writer July 17, 2022

  College certainly has its challenges, and commuters face many of them on an exceptionally inconvenient level. Living off-campus can pose barriers to getting the full college experience many students...

Zahra Saifee holds a sign at a climate protest held by Divest U at the Union Plaza on April 22, 2021. (Photo by Natalie Colby | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Buening: The Supreme Court Crusades Against Environmental Protection

By Sarah Buening, Assistant Opinion Editor July 17, 2022

  In the final days of the Supreme Court’s nine-month session, conservative justices have managed to eviscerate not only reproductive rights and fourth amendment freedoms, but also environmental...