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Reese: Universal Basic Income Isn’t Radical

Isaac Reese says that universal basic income could have lessened the economic and public health crises of COVID-19. (Photo by Justin Prather | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Isaac Reese, Opinion Writer

April 12, 2020

  The world is teetering under the mortal and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of necessary social distancing practices, a massive recession is expected to hit the world and U.S. economies. Panic and mass hysteria have consumed the U.S. population as people hoard supplies nece...

Starr: Utah Should Replace Rob Bishop with Darren Parry

(Courtesy Flickr)

By Kennedie Starr, Opinion Writer

March 17, 2020

Congressman Rob Bishop has represented Utah’s 1st Congressional District (CD-1) since 2003, and there is not much to praise from his tenure — especially in the eyes of environmentalists or anyone who identifies as somewhat moderate. The district boundary covers a large area, including the city of...

Reese: Progressives Need to Think Local Before Taking On Moderates Like McAdams

Congressman Ben McAdams (left) stands with U.S. Labor Secretary Tom Perez (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

By Isaac Reese, Opinion Writer

January 18, 2020

  Many centrist Democrats are facing progressive challengers in 2020, inspired by the wins of progressives such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. Ilhan Omar. Rep. Ben McAdams has attracted a challenge from progressive Daniel Beckstrand, a first-time political candidate. I applaud the guts it takes to r...

Former Chief Administrator of UAC is Running for Congress

(Courtesy of UAC)

By Mitch Shin, News Writer

January 15, 2020

  Former University of Utah Asia Campus Chief Administrator Todd Kent is running for Congress in Texas. Kent was born in Texas, where his family currently resides, and he got his Ph.D. from Texas A&M. Kent started his work at UAC as Dean of Faculty in July 2016 and became a chief administrator...

Barron: McAdams’s Choosing of Country Over Self Is an Act of Patriotism

House of Representatives vote to adopt articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

By Morgan Barron, Opinion Writer

December 29, 2019

  Earlier this month, I received an email with the subject line “A Message from Congressman Ben McAdams.” As a resident of Utah’s 4th Congressional District, I had sent Congressman McAdams a message over the weekend voicing my concerns about the presidential abuse of power uncovered during...

Dalley: Democrats Shouldn’t Abandon Their Progressive History

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Gold Reserve Actt on Jan. 30, 1934. (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

By Nathan Dalley, Opinion Writer

December 16, 2019

Multiple establishment Democrats have criticized their further left colleagues directly and indirectly over the past year, claiming that their perceived ideological extremity will cost Democrats the 2020 elections. Nancy Pelosi attacked multiple recently elected progressive Congressmembers saying, “All these peop...

Cushman: Democratic Impeachment Efforts May Help Trump in 2020

U.S. House of Representatives chamber. (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

By KC Ellen Cushman, Opinion Writer

October 16, 2019

Amid the influx of news following the announcement by House Democrats of their impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump, it can be hard to keep up with what is happening in American politics. Considering the ramifications of this controversial decision is even more challenging, especially as we move...

Edwards: The Manipulative Motive Behind a Census Citizenship Question

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

By Sheely Edwards, Opinion Editor

July 15, 2019

  In preparation for the decennial census, the Federal Government has to prepare and print more than 1.5 billion sheets of paper to be mailed out in 2020. Printing begins six months early in order to ensure that the questionnaire is ready in time. So far, it seems that the Trump administration has m...

Reese: Close the Camps

President Donald J. Trump made a trip the U.S.-Mexico Border near Calexico CA. During his visit he viewed a newly installed section border wall near the Gran Plaza Outlets. Courtesy Flickr.

Photo by Mani Albrecht
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Office of Public Affairs
Visual Communications Division

By Isaac Reese, Opinion Writer

July 13, 2019

  It is undoubtable that the U.S. government and U.S. border patrol are currently placing thousands of migrants into what should be considered concentration camps. Since Donald Trump was elected, the U.S. government has become responsible for at least 24 deaths within these camps, seven of them children. They are also responsible for the effects of the inhumane immigration policies perpetrated by the Trum...

Barron: Moderates Like McAdams Are Crucial to Democratic Majority, Ocasio-Cortez Is Not

Barron: Moderates Like McAdams Are Crucial to Democratic Majority, Ocasio-Cortez Is Not

By Morgan Barron, Opinion Writer

June 12, 2019

Rep. Ben McAdams is not the "coolest” politician on the Hill. His social media accounts are underwhelming when compared with that of his his famous colleague, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. His online presence is approachable and reminiscent of a friendly neighborhood dad — in that his kids probab...

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