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Failures in Iowa Caucus Spread “Fake News” and Misinformation

(Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

By Natalie Colby and Kayleigh Silverstein

April 7, 2020

  On Feb. 3, 2020, the Iowa Caucus started and set out to give voters a glimpse into how the rest of the Democratic primary would go. However, misinformation caused confusion for some voters. The official results of the caucus did not come out until Feb. 9 due to various missteps that many b...

Starr: Trump’s Environmental Deregulation Will Have Long-Lasting Consequences

(Photo by Mark Draper | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Kennedie Starr, Opinion Writer

January 28, 2020

  There is no question about President Trump’s dedication to eroding critical environmental regulations and procedures. From shrinking treasured monuments in our backyard to purging greenhouse gas emissions standards, his administration has mastered the art of deregulation. The running lis...

Christopherson: Mike Lee Made a Good Point. He Still Shouldn’t Be Reelected.

U.S. Senator Mike Lee of Utah speaking at the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. (Photo by Gage Skidmore | Courtesy Flickr)

By Nain Christopherson, Assistant Opinion Editor

January 22, 2020

  In a time when nearly every Republican in Congress appears to have thrown their morals out the window in favor of blind loyalty to Donald Trump, the bar for political courage is extremely low. That might be why so many people are so pleased with Senator Mike Lee. Lee lashed out at the Trump Administratio...

Swanson: Biden’s Viability is Unsustainable. Democrats Ought to Jump Ship

Vice President Joe Biden (Courtesy Flickr)

By Gavin Swanson, Opinion Writer

October 22, 2019

Former Vice President Joe Biden entered the 2020 presidential race at the front of the pack. He was leading the polls even before officially throwing his hat into the ring. On April 25, the day he declared, he was polling at 29.3% and six points ahead of the active front runner at the time — Vermon...

Rush: Freedom of the Press is Under Attack, and Trump is Not to Blame

(Chronicle archives)

By Nicholas Rush

September 25, 2019

Centralization of media is antithetical to democratic principles. The concentration of power, influence and ownership erode what constitutes a democratic society. We have antitrust laws in the United States in order to ensure fair competition within the free market economy. Monopolies concentrate power, w...

Barron: Romney is No Renegade

(Courtesy Flickr)

By Morgan Barron, Opinion Writer

September 23, 2019

In August, Senator Mitt Romney held a 60 minute town hall at Weber State University in Ogden, where he spent the majority of his speaking time avoiding controversial topics. When asked about federal gun control, Romney dodged the question in his distinctly banal fashion — stating that gun ownership ...

Swanson: Johnson Has Undermined Democracy Under the Guise of Upholding It

(Courtesy Public Domain Pictures)

By Gavin Swanson, Opinion Writer

September 16, 2019

Vigilance and reading time is necessary just to keep up with all of the goings on that contribute to the daily calamity of American politics. It takes an even more committed enthusiast to keep track of two political crises in two separate nations. I personally enjoy listening to hours of refined Eng...

Rush: Privilege, Not Justice — The Freeing of Sholom Rubashkin (Part One)

The Agriprocessors plant. (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

By Nicholas Rush

September 11, 2019

This article is part of a two-part series. Read the second part here.   In such a divided country ⁠— with an even more divided Congress ⁠— it is hard to take issue with bipartisan consensus. Such consensus came over the commuting of the prison sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, owner o...

Reese: Stand in Solidarity with the People of Hong Kong

Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protest (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

By Isaac Reese, Opinion Writer

August 16, 2019

For weeks, the people of Hong Kong have taken to the streets to protest their government and to show support for democracy. People young and old have peacefully protested against the government for allowing influence from mainland China into their local government. The tension began to build when a controversial extradition bill (supported by Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam) was introduced that...

Chavez: Media Literacy is Crucial for America’s Future

(Courtesy Flickr)

By Paij Chavez, Opinion Writer

August 13, 2019

  Media literacy has always been a concern for educators and activists, but with the explosion of social media and online journalism in recent decades, the ability to evaluate what you are reading is crucial to being an informed citizen. With a president who has lied to the American people ove...

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