Letter to the Editor

By Rommel Herrera


Since last week I have been hearing all the candidates for the Associated Students of the University of Utah talk about diversity and how they want to unite all the students on campus. However, I am very offended that they can talk about diversity when during their campaigns these candidates hardly approach Asian minorities on campus.

Last week when I was going to class, there were several candidates and their volunteers handing out leaflets, and yet, no one approached me.

It did not bother me at first, however, when I passed them again after I left my class, I was ignored again. Therefore, I decided to observe these candidates and their volunteers from a distance since I had an hour break before my next class. I noticed several Asian minorities, especially international students, who were ignored by the candidates as they passed by the booths. (As a disclaimer, at the time that I was observing these candidates, the crowd was minimal. They could have approached these students and asked if they have voted or not?but no one did.)

I was very offended by this. Most of my friends know that I do not believe in special privileges for certain groups of people, but to ignore us is totally offensive.

Let me just remind these candidates that part of our tuition goes to fund the ASUU.

In short, I just want to tell these candidates that we do exist at the U, and we pay our tuition like everyone else. I hope when they are elected into office they diversify their administration so everyone will be equally represented.

Rommel Herrera

Sophomore, Political Science