Letter to the Editor

By Kreston Lee


This letter is not in response to any particular article, but to a number of articles and letters which I have read in The Daily Utah Chronicle over the last year, as well as some personal observations.

It seems to me that nearly all of the debates and controversies that are presented in this paper come from a single source. The problem that creates all of the argument is that we insist in judging people on the basis of groups rather than as individuals.

These groups may be based on race, gender, religion, politics, etc. it doesn’t matter.

So long as we view people as groups we will never understand each other, and we will always be divided.

This university is always emphasizing diversity, but we don’t seem to realize that every student is different from every other student, and that each adds to the diversity of our school.

I hope that we can learn to accept each other as individuals, and get to know each other by name before we decide to criticize each other.

Kreston Lee

Sophomore, Pharmacy