Letter to the Editor

By Kris Cannon


I am writing in opposition to all of the intolerant actions that are arising throughout the university campus. This vandalism and the unwarranted remarks that are occurring at the University of Utah are inexcusable.

In a time where information is passed so quickly and the recipients are supposedly more enlightened, why are these cowardly intolerant actions taking place?

I in no way advocate a required acceptance of what any person?s beliefs are. I do not feel that someone should be required to accept the ideals of any organization, be it the Associated Students of the University of Utah, the Latter-day Saints Student Association, the Lesbian and Gay Student Union, etc., but criticism is not warranted to any person who decides to be involved within them.

How dare any of you be so intolerant to individually attack people, attack their honor, and attack their liberty of choice. Their personhood is in no way less important than any other.

The vandalism that occurred during this 2001 election was immature, and is not even deemed acceptable in a competition between high school cliques, let alone a school for higher education?a university.

How naive was I to think that school would change when I entered college, to think that the people would be more tolerant, more open, more accepting of differences.

The expectations were drastically high, and have led to great disappointment.

Possibly the person(s) who acted in this manner were educated, but they obviously are lacking wisdom, compassion and dignity, compared to any enlightened person who would be faced with the same circumstances.

I would like to offer my personal apologies to Francis Lilly, to Marilu Dazley, and to any other person who has been faced with such unwarranted intolerance and disturbing behavior.

Although my condolences may not be the cure for the injustices that have taken place damaging these people?s honor, all I can do is sympathize with these people and hope that retributive justice is served.

Kris Cannon

Freshman, History and Political Science