Letter to the Editor

By Geoffry Schrank


This is a response to the letter to the editor published March 27 arguing that religion should remain private. For many, I can see how this would work.

We subdivide our lives, and religion is just another part of our life that should only be practiced in private, because the people next to us may take offense at some of the things our religions teach. So we go about our day, believing what we believe and tolerating what other people believe because, hey, who are we to argue with them?

Unfortunately for the Christian, this type of lifestyle is impossible. Christianity is not just a religion; it is a relationship coupled with a worldview, and thus it impacts every part of the Christian?s life.

Those few who know Jesus and about Christianity know that Jesus claimed to be God and died so that the entire world may be reconciled to God.

Christians are like the person who saw a blind man walking toward a cliff and tried to prevent him from falling to his death by giving him this information. However, like the blind man, the rest of the world can choose to ignore Christians’ warnings.

If I’m right?and I have staked my reputation and life on it?after most people die, they will awake to their surprise in eternal agony. So pardon occasional interruptions from us. We are just trying to save you from such a fate.

Geoffry Schrank

Senior, Physics