Letter to the Editor


People at the University of Utah should take advantage of the Student Opinion Survey. Last semester, Dan Flickinger setup SOS in the name of the Associated Students of the University of Utah. SOS is an online discussion forum located at www.sos.asuu.utah.edu.

This is a great, free service that would benefit from more student participation.

Other public forums, such as The Daily Utah Chronicle, bulletin boards and the free speech area, are important means of sending messages. However, SOS has the advantage of being extremely convenient.

It is very easy to become a member of SOS. Once a student has joined the site, it is even easier to submit stories or add comments to the site.

Another advantage of SOS is that it lets users respond to messages in real time. Additionally, messages are “threaded,” meaning that messages are listed with their responses, making navigation simple.

ASUU and The Chronicle should also encourage participation on this site. By making it easy for students to share ideas, they will be more likely to become involved in other areas of campus. They will also be more likely to want to write for The Chronicle or to send letters to the editor.

Students, and even faculty and staff, should take a few minutes and check out this site.

Jason V. Morgan

Senior, Computer Science