Letter to the Editor

By Vanessa Vallejos


I generally skip over Kristien Hixson?s columns due to her usual tone of blatant closed-minded ignorance, but the title of her article, ?Starving for the Wrong Kind of Attention,? on May 16 caught my attention. As usual, her lack of knowledge on the subject hurt like nails on a chalkboard, but I couldn?t let this one go without a correction.

For starters, anorexia is not about beauty.

It is a psychological disorder almost completely about control. Anorexia has been around much longer than the over-thin models Hixson blames in her article.

Those young girls reacting to criticism by self-starvation are not trying to be thin for the sake of being thin, but are simply trying to control one of the few things left in their control.

Don?t feel bad about getting this one wrong though, Kristien. It is a mistake made by many. What you should feel bad about is the lack of research.

For future reference: an uninformed opinion is an invalid opinion. So go educate yourself and then come back and write whatever you please, but please don?t spread half-informed nonsense. It is an embarrassment to the university, The Daily Utah Chronicle and most of all, to you.

Vanessa Vallejos

Sophomore, Pre -Psychology