Letter to the Editor

By Don MacAngus


I read your May 30 editorial on the Christina Axson-Flynn case.

To begin, let me admit that I don’t know everything about this case, I only know what I have read in The Daily Utah Chronicle and The Salt Lake Tribune. But based on that, I personally believe that this case does not belong, as you put it, “in the trash can.?

This case is not about cramming her morality (Mormon values) down the throats of everyone around her. She has, to the best of my knowledge, never demanded that other people not say the offensive words that have been specified in this case (i.e., the Lord’s name, the f-word, etc.). She has simply asked that she not be required to use them.

This case is not about a student trying to force the U to change its curriculum.

What this case is about is a contract. According to her complaint, when she entered the program, it was with the understanding that she would not be required to play any roles that required her to say these words. She claims that she discussed these issues with the department at the very beginning, and that she was assured that there would be no problem. Well?according to her, there was a problem, and she was at first pressured to say the words, and then asked to leave the program if she would not submit.

This is an important case, because it involves religious freedom?not just for Mormons, but for all people of faith.

It does NOT belong “in the trash can.”

Don MacAngus

Senior, Communication