Letter to the Editor

By Jared Walker


I was very sorry to read that the University of Utah was going to create a resource center for the Lesbian and Gay Student Union in the A. Ray Olpin University Union. I disagree with Barbara Snyder that this is “a most positive direction for the University of Utah.”

I sympathize with the notion of equal rights. However, the demands emanating from the gay movement sound more like spoiled children who want their lollipops. It is a far cry from meager demands of the suppressed.

Minoritiarianism is by its very nature selfish and without regard for the common good. With cultural and moral relativism as its vehicle and tolerance as a guise, it replaces morality with amorality, cultural identity with pluralism.

The consequence is dissolution of cultural unity and civic morality. This is discouraging enough, but it is downright depressing to know that individuals are running toward it, embracing it as a better way of life.

Most embarrassing is the fact that among those supporting the incoherence are the intellectual elites, the supposed “wise men” of our time. Relativism is the progenitor of post-modernity, which begets moral chaos.

One wonders how such a notion?that this could be good for society?ever made its way into the thoughts of the “elite.” Perhaps it is their affinity for tolerance.

True it is, that tolerance has increased, but with it immorality.

Homosexuality, teen sex, teen pregnancy and a decrease in sincere religion are only a few examples. So unlike Snyder, I do not regard the LGSU’s advance into the public square as positive. In my view, it will only serve to further de-culture and demoralize the traditional American way of life.

Jared Walker

Junior, Political Science