LETTER: The Facts Would Have Been Nice

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I can see by the way Matt Canham did his research why they left him in charge of the paper for the summer. His article (&Local Coffee Shops Fail &Fair Trade& Test&) had a lot to say about my business, though he never spoke personally with me, the owner of the Coffee Garden.

I also heard the story on National Public Radio about Fair Trade coffee, and was surprised not to hear from the media. I was prepared to answer any questions, but apparently Canham took the blank stare of my employee as the Coffee Garden&s official answer because it suited his story.

I feel unfairly demonized by his editorial, and resent being called the corporate mainstream when being compared to a Wall Street giant whose stock just split for the fourth time in 10 years. Hopefully, Canham&s misinformation will not harm my little business permanently.

Seattle&s Best Coffee, which I use exclusively in my store, is a &Fair Trade& company. We carry their full line of Transfair-certified organic coffees.

I pay more than twice the price of locally roasted coffee beans to ensure not only that I have the highest quality coffee available, but that I am supporting a company that is active in working for a better world.

Seattle&s Best Coffee was one of the first roasters to support research into organically and shade-grown coffees and their relationship with migratory songbirds.

In recent years, Seattle&s Best has also contributed to building a school, a well for clean water and community church projects in Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Salvador. Feel free to look up any information regarding Seattle&s Best Coffee at their Web site, www.seattlesbest.com, or contact Paul Rice, Executive Director of Transfair USA, at [email protected] regarding Seattle&s Best Coffee&s Transfair certification.

If I am guilty of anything at the Coffee Garden, it is in not informing my employees of how our coffee is truly different from the regular swill around town. I understand that Canham&s not a coffee drinker, but perhaps he&ll come in and allow me a chance to buy him an herbal tea to redeem myself.

Alan HebertsonOwner, Coffee Garden