Letter to the Editor

By Stephen Wire


I just finished reading the editorial “When People Want It, It Won’t Go Away,? by Doug Holm printed on July 11. Since the law passed in 1995, have there been mass church and school shootings in Utah? Has there been one documented incident involving someone with a concealed weapons permit?

The author stated that between 58 and 90 percent are in favor of banning guns from churches and schools. If so, then why was there a failure to get enough signatures? If that much of the population was truly against something, there would be enough signatures almost immediately.

Your article is titled ?When People Want It.? Who wants this law? The legislators don’t think Utah?s citizens want it. The failure to get enough signatures shows that the people of Utah don’t want it.

If you ban firearms from churches and schools, do you think a criminal would stop at the door and say, ?I know I was going to kill someone but they passed a new law stating I can’t take a gun into the school so I guess I’ll just go home??

Get real.

This law has absolutely nothing to do with stopping criminals, because criminals don’t follow the law to begin with. This is just more harassment of the law abiding gun owner.

Stephen Wire

Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners