Letter to the Editor

By Don MacAngus, Senior, Communication


Let us be clear about one thing when it comes to the discussion of President Bush?s support of stem- cell research.

The issue is not whether stem- cell research should take place. It will! The issue is whether this type of research should be funded with taxpayer money!

If there are cures found as the result of this type of research, do you think they will be free because of the taxpayer funding? Of course not! The cures will appear in the form of drugs, which we will all pay for (through the nose, mind you), because they will be produced by drug companies.

Drug companies, by the way, are profit-making entities that do their own research because they want to make money by selling their medications. They will do their own stem-cell research (if they think they can make any money from it), because that would be an investment in their future profits.

Drug companies have and make billions of dollars by investing in research to find new and better cures. If the federal government (i.e., you and me) bankroll them by paying for this type of research, all we are doing is padding their bottom lines.

They’re going to make billions off of any cures they discover either way. Let them pay for their own research! Talk about corporate welfare!

Don MacAngusSenior, Communication