Letter to the Editor

By Casey Jacketta


Will someone PLEASE tell me what we can do about the parking situation?!!! It seems as if we have lost nearly one million parking spots since Spring Semester. I thought that the University of Utah was a commuter campus?

If that is truly what we are, how can they justify ripping out parking spaces, but still sell parking passes for the spaces that have since gone to parking-space heaven (may they rest in peace).

There is a reason that my classes don’t start at 7:30 a.m.?I didn’t sign up for them, because I can?t get out of bed at that hour. However, I am FORCED to be to school at that time just to find a parking space.

ASUU, in it?s infinite wisdom, should be doing SOMETHING. Like, say, instead of building a recreation center (which is needed, granted, but can be put on hold in lieu of more pressing problems) they should petition to build a parking complex.

In short, I feel your pain, those of you whose beloved parking spaces have passed on. Now, lets all attack the ASUU, and do something about it.

Casey JackettaSophomore, Sociology and Psychology