Letter to the Editor

By Christopher Otto, Student Director ASUU Presenter?s Office


I am writing in regards to recent concerns voiced by some student groups about the first annual Redfest.

The Associated Students of the University of Utah Presenter?s Office feels that Redfest was not only a diverse event with a variety of excellent food and product vendors, music, artists and community groups, but also the biggest and most well-attended festival in years.

We realize that this is a new festival that requires some fine tuning, but it was, overall, a successful event.

We understand that some student groups felt the office slighted them in favor of corporate sponsors. Student organizations were placed on the Marriott plaza, which we had intended to be a lively space with bands, sports and recreational activities.

Unfortunately, circumstances beyond our control undercut some of those activities at the last minute.

By no means did the Presenter?s Office purposely snub student groups. In fact, in order to produce an even more impressive Redfest 2002, the ASUU Presenter?s Office invites all students to voice their opinions at a feedback session to be held next week. Please contact us at 585-9010 for more information.

Christopher OttoStudent Director ASUU Presenter?s Office