Letter to the Editor

By Micah Bruner


I have just come from the University of Utah ticket office where I was told that any student possessing an activity card is allowed into the football games for free. Wow, what a deal. Unfortunately, the only seats for students are in the corner, which is one spot away from the worst seats in the house, which are saved for general admission. The lady at the ticket counter then informed me that if I wanted to bring a friend or my wife, it would cost me an additional seven dollars.

I have attended Salt Lake Community College as well as Utah State University, and in both places, students were given the opportunity to attend home games and sit on the sidelines instead of in the corner of the stadium. Granted, at Brigham Young University students must pay seven dollars to see the game from the stadium. However, they at least get to see the game from the sideline instead of being smashed into one of the corners.

What amazes me is that in order to move over one section at Rice- Eccles Stadium, students would have to cough up at least a $50 cover charge plus the price of a regularly priced ticket.

All I have to say is that I am glad that the U/Y football game is down in Provo this year. That way, I can get a student ticket from a Y student and actually see the game in person rather than waiting for someone with binoculars to tell me what happened in the latest play. As for the rest of the games, I will be at home where I can have a good seat and still have money to pay the bills.

Micah BrunerJunior, Political Science