New Oly Parking Pamphlet, Web Site

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?Classes are in: Driving is OUT.?

At least when the Olympic Games are in town, according to a pamphlet assembled by Parking and Transportation Services with help from other University of Utah entities.

The pamphlet lists public transportation options and maps out parking reserved for the Salt Lake Organizing Committee.

Parking services has already distributed the pamphlet around campus, and it should appear online at today, according to Alma Allred, director of Parking and Transportation Services.

Toward the end of Fall Semester, SLOC will begin occupying about 30 percent of main campus parking spaces, according to the literature.

?I don?t think we?re going to be in any kind of crisis until January,? Allred said.

The U has always had enough spaces?maybe not where people want them?but still enough to accommodate drivers, he said.

However, spaces might run out if commuters don?t leave cars at home in favor of public transportation or bikes.

The U is waiting for the city?s permission to construct a temporary lot off campus to accommodate 1,300 spaces, he said.

Originally, the U had planned to mail out the pamphlet, but has decided to hand them out to commuters arriving on campus?a more sure way of reaching those affected, according to Allred.

He said this effort should begin in a couple of weeks.