Letter to the Editor

By April Keene


Like many people across the United States, I wanted to connect with my community and do something the week after the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

I attended the candlelight vigil held on the steps of the Park Building on the University of Utah campus.

I was astonished and deeply disappointed at what the Associated Students of the University of Utah event planners turned this into.

This was not about expressing ourselves, it was about listening to officials?speeches given by a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints representative and a Republican governor, with an Islamic community leader thrown in for a token sixty seconds.

This was not about coming together as a community, this was about a choral performance.

There was no open microphone, there was no spontaneity.

Is this bland, 3.2, watery-thin gathering the best we can do in the face of such violence, such intensity of emotion and such diversity of debate?

April Keene

Senior, History