Shades, K-UTE Team Up for Radio Poetry

?That which we are, / we are, one equal temper of heroic hearts, / made weak by time and fate, but strong in will / to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.?

Though this final phrase of Alfred Lord Tennyson?s ?Ulysses? might be more familiar to those sitting in a literature class, soon any interested University of Utah student with a radio or a computer will have access to live student poetry readings.

The student radio station, K UTE and undergraduate literary magazine, Shades, are combining forces to bring a weekly, on-air poetry reading to the U.

?We are incredibly excited,? said Max Freeman, Shades co editor and a senior in English. ?It will give voice to the undergraduate literary community.?

Students are welcome to read their own poetry or that of ?established poets,? Freeman continued. ?Students [can] come in and read their favorite poems.?

Freeman will host the program with Shades co-editor Antonia Horne, a senior studying English. Interested parties can contact the Shades editors through the English department, but Freeman hopes people outside of the major will read for the program, too.

?We don?t want just English majors, because we know there are people who write in all disciplines,? Freeman said. ?Some of the most interesting spots in poetry come when math intersects with poetry.?

One aspect of the on-air poetry readings which Freeman particularly looks forward to is the autonomy: It?s the only purely undergraduate-run forum for literary expression on campus.

?There are already avenues for development of literary talent, [but] basically only formal outlets for students,? Freeman said. In workshops, the professor decides what has literary merit and what doesn?t. With the K-UTE show, there?s ?no tyrant in charge of everything.?

?To my knowledge, this is the first time something like this has occurred,? said Kristal Kelly, K-UTE station manager and a senior in communication. ?I thought it was a great idea. The station is always looking for unique ideas for programming. I thought it was a really good opportunity both for Shades and for K-UTE.?

The as-yet-unnamed Shades radio program will run through Fall Semester or longer if Shades? management wants it to. Beginning this week, the program will air Saturday night from 7 to 9. Those who can?t receive K-UTE?s AM 1620 signal can listen through its Web site,

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