A three-walled tent, a Sukkah, leans several days after its creation.

The University of Utah Jewish community, Hillel, built the tent on the lawn between the Union and Orson Spencer Hall Sept. 30 in accordance with Jewish custom.

The custom is known as Sukkah?literally Hebrew for tent?the re-enactment of the exodus of the Jews from Egypt, during which they built temporary dwellings in the desert.

Hillel invites anyone to eat lunch with them at the Sukkah Oct. 2 to Oct. 9 as part of the feast of the tabernacles.

The feast traditionally gives thanks to God for the agricultural harvest and the changing of the seasons, and was the model for the Pilgrim Thanksgiving.

Sukkah, which comes on the fifth day after Yom Kippur, lasts for seven days. This year’s Sukkah began Oct. 1.

The idea of the construction of a frail hut, which is vulnerable to floods and winds, symbolizes a group?s journey from its solid home, thus submitting its members to divine protection and a display of trust in God.

The U’s Hillel serves as the campus organization for Jewish students and faculty on the Wasatch Front, including Westminster College, Salt lake Community College, Brigham Young University and other campuses.

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