Communisn’ Ruining Competition of Sport

After an era in which dynasties reigned supreme, and where certain teams always were at the top of their respective leagues, many commissioners are now trying to create parity in their leagues.

Sports commissioners have had enough with low attendance teams that barely have enough talent to compete at the professional level.

The NBA and the NFL have been at the forefront of trying to create parity, to increase competition in their leagues.

Nevertheless, team owners who have the hunger and monetary capacity to dominate, such as Mark Cuban, George Steinbrenner, Jerry Buss, Paul Allen and Rupert Murdoch, never hesitate to spend outrageous amounts of money just to win.

However, owners of teams like the Memphis Grizzlies, Golden State Warriors, Montreal Expos and Florida Marlins are just a few of the teams that don?t (or can’t) spend money and end up with a large debt in their pocket.

To remedy the problem, the NBA, NFL and MLB are now establishing policies (or, in the case of the latter, thinking about it, anyway) to curb the capitalistic mindset in the sports world, to replace it with a communist viewpoint.

Equality is key, and seeing the NFL have teams such as the Baltimore Ravens and the St. Louis Rams going from rags to riches is a utopian thought to Bud Selig and David Stern.

That is why we are seeing the luxury tax and revenue sharing take place in the respective leagues.

In the case of the luxury tax, teams cannot go over a certain payroll figure or else they will have to pay ?dollar for dollar? the amount they went over.

Meanwhile, revenue sharing takes some of the profit generated by financially successful teams like the Lakers and spreads it around to help out struggling franchises and those that do not regularly get exposure on national television and the subsequent funds that go along with it, such as the Grizz.

However, if we do curb dominance by several teams in one particular sport, have we truly helped the game?

We handicap owners by forcing them to give up great players in order to not pay the league for overspending.

For example, the Utah Jazz were on the cusp of releasing John Stockton until he took a $3 million paycut to stay with the team.

If the communism takes over in the sports world, then we will see what is going in the NFL: A league full of average teams. Nobody even plays great football at both ends of the field because of the parity.

The NBA is having enough problems getting its players to put the ball in the basket anyway; how would taking all the great players and spreading them around the league help?

Major League Baseball has already suffered mediocre play because of expansion, and now pitchers are deemed great if their ERA is around 3.00.

On the other hand, parity in a league might actually help struggling cities get excited for their respective teams.

The Robin Hood approach by the commissioner might give them hope to go the ballpark or the arena. We might not see so many teams fold, and a surprise every year can?t be that bad.


Watching the Warriors win a title over the Cavaliers would be fun, wouldn?t it? If we just reduce everyone’s talent level and set it at a point where we forget how good the game could be, wouldn?t we be better served seeing a world full have happy fans?


It ruins the game, and shows us exactly how pitiful the leagues have gotten. Watching complete losers play each other because the league wants more money from tickets is not my ideal setting of a sports world.

Maybe we should not let owners buy a team unless they are completely committed to winning.

People come to see a winning team, unless you are a Cubs or Red Sox fan. Most fans in this world are fair-weather, and even if there are die-hard fans, the number of them would not come close to exceeding a stadium capacity.

It would look like a Utah football game all over the NBA, with a proclaimed ?30,000? people showing up every night.

The key to these leagues having balance is to have teams actually compete for players, and not wonder if they have to let them go.

Creating equality by handicapping people never works. There will always be corruption, and just an overall horrible presentation of the system. Just ask Russia.

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