Letter to the Editor

By Charles Foster, First Year, College of Law


Is it possible that Candice Christiansen kept a straight face at a recent Women?s Resource Center event (as reported in a Daily Utah Chronicle news article ?Women?s Resource Center: Violence Discussion? on Oct. 3) when she equated forced female genital mutilation in some Mid-East and African cultures with surgical breast enhancements in our own society?

Such fatuous comparisons are an insult to women who suffer real violence in truly repressive cultures.

Christiansen might as well paint fake wounds on her body and announce, ?My bruises are as dark as yours.?

Her comments are also an insult to women in our society who exercise their considerable rights of autonomous choice.

So what if, in Christiansen?s rather intolerant opinion, breast enhancements are politically incorrect.

That does not make them ?acts of violence.?

Charles Foster, First Year, College of Law