Letter to the Editor

By Carolyn Merryweather, Senior, English


Why does the Union feel the need to have a comedy troupe entertain those of us who go to the Union basement to study and eat in peace?

Aside from not being funny, telling the same jokes each time they come and making offensive comments, they are disruptive and totally unwanted.

Half of the jokes revolve around how few people are actually listening to them. Even they realize how unwelcome they really are.

In my opinion, students retreat to the Union basement to be left alone. Either people study, catch up on the news or sleep there. Nobody really needs or wants more distractions (like hearing about Cindy Crawford’s breasts).

In the future, I would appreciate it if the Union were to take a poll of the students who actually use their facilities before implementing new “entertainments.”

Carolyn Merryweather, Senior, English