The Chronicle’s View

After the world was turned upside down by letters carrying anthrax and planes being used as bombs against innocent Americans, it seems quite natural to just want to curl up in bed and never leave.

These terrorist activities will undoubtedly give some a great excuse to shut off from the outside world, while others will probably dive head first into the world section of their local newspaper for the first time.

While the media seems to report new anthrax-carrying letters more and more often, it is nice to see that most Americans are keeping their heads and that most are going on with their pre-terrorist attack plans.

The University of Utah?s International Center reports that since the attacks, the number of students interested in study abroad opportunities has not decreased at all, though students are asking more questions about safety.

It is understandable that the Middle East study abroad opportunities are not exactly the hot ticket this semester, but it is an encouraging sign that students continue to show interest in the other locales.

The study abroad program is one example of higher education working as it should.

While students could spend day after day reading textbooks, it is the hands-on activities that lead more naturally to learning. Being thrown into a foreign land where they don?t know the language, the customs or very many people, students have no other choice but to learn.

Study abroad expands horizons by taking students out of their day-to-day lives and shows them how their counterparts live in South America, Europe, Asia and elsewhere in the world.

Instead of hiding under the sheets, students should learn about the rest of the world, and the best way to do that is by going there.