Contamination Unlikely in Mail

WASHINGTON?It?s highly unlikely that any anthrax present in a Washington post office could have contaminated other letters awaiting delivery to people’s homes, anthrax experts said Monday.

?Your mail could not hold onto enough spores in the process of making it from the postal processing area to your home,? explained Dr. Bruce Clements of St. Louis University. ?I don?t think people need to be concerned about receiving their mail at home.?

Health officials Monday announced that the bacteria somehow circulated through a Washington postal facility, sickening at least two workers with the deadly inhalation form of anthrax and possibly killing two others.

The Washington post office processed the anthrax containing letter received by Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle last week, but that letter was sealed. Doctors agree a person must inhale at least 8,000 spores deep into the lungs to contract inhalation anthrax.