Regents Find Space in Gateway Center

The Utah State Board of Regents believes the grass is greener in the Gateway center, and they?re willing to pay up to $8 million to get it.

The Board plans to sign a contract with the Boyer Company for three floors in tower two of the developing complex Monday.

The new facility will cost more now, but will save money in the future, said Dave Buhler, Regents? spokesman.

The Regents spend $1 million a year to rent offices in the Triad Center.

Two years ago, the state Legislature gave Regents an $8 million bond to purchase offices for themselves and the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority?the state?s student financial-aid programs. Regents gathered proposals from ten different companies, selected three finalists and asked for their ?best final offer.?

Regent Chairman Charlie Johnson said Gateway was not only the cheapest price, it was also the best deal. Gateway?s proposal also provides the opportunity to lease or buy additional space?if needed.

The Regents guarantee it will not request additional state funds to cover moving costs. That money will come from savings.