Letter to the Editor

By Carolyn Merryweather, Senior, English


I was very surprised to read James Seaman’s Oct. 22 opinion column, ?Genuine Liberal Arts Education Unattainable at U.? Being an English major myself, I must disagree with him.

True, lower division classes are crowded, and guest lectures are difficult to get to.

I’ve also shared Seaman’s frustration with professors who seem to care little about teaching, but I don’t share his opinion that those are the only type of teachers available to liberal arts majors.

The answer to Seaman’s problems has been, and continues to be, the University of Utah Honors Program.

The Honors Program guarantees its students that classes are capped at around 30 students, professors are among the best teachers in their fields and the courses offered are specifically geared to liberal arts majors trying to get a good educational experience in a research institution.

Having taken nine Honors classes in my six semesters at the University of Utah, I can say that the majority of Honors classes have made my experiences at the U more than just getting my forehead stamped “educated.”

If Seaman truly wants to make his years at the U more than just a bitter memory, he should try Honors.

He might discover a real liberal arts education is not that difficult to get around here.

Carolyn Merryweather, Senior, English