Man Arrested With Holy War Manual

BERLIN?A Turkish man trying to board a flight to Iran was arrested after authorities found a holy war CD-ROM and a protective suit against biological and chemical weapons in his bag, German prosecutors said Tuesday.

Harun Aydin, 29, was arrested at Frankfurt airport on Oct. 17 after his luggage, which also contained a face mask and equipment to make a detonator, was searched before he boarded a plane to Tehran. His lawyer said the bag and the equipment did not belong to Aydin.

The federal prosecutor?s office said it was investigating Aydin on suspicion he planned ?serious acts of violence as a member of a terrorist group with an Islamic fundamentalist background.?

Spokeswoman Frauke Scheuten said that ?so far, no connection is discernible? between Aydin and the investigation of a Hamburg terrorist cell that included three of the suicide hijackers involved in the Sept. 11 attacks.