Health Sciences Center Plans to Expand, Build and Develop

The Health Sciences Center plans to build three more buildings in addition to two under construction.

Health science officials have not set dates for the three new buildings?Emma Eccles Jones Medical Science Building, Moran Eye Center II and the Health Sciences Education Building?but have released estimated cost, size and intended use.

The sources of funding for the Eccles Jones Building and Moran Center II have been secured, but not for the Health Sciences Education Building, which will probably be renamed when a donor is found.

Occupants of the existing Moran Eye Center will move to the Moran Eye Center II after its completion, according to Jason Burgess, the health sciences? spokesman.

Already in progress is the University Hospital expansion, recently renamed the Eccles Critical Care Pavilion. The pavilion will double the capacity of the emergency room and trauma center, which handles 30,000 patients annually.

?That is way over its capacity,? Burgess said.

Health sciences extended the completion date of the pavilion from November 2002 to spring 2003 .

Construction of the Cancer Research Hospital began in August. The hospital is the second phase of the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

The two buildings under construction are not eliminating any existing parking spaces, but officials gave no assurance for the three newly planned buildings.

Health sciences plans to move staff parking to the newly-completed hospital parking terrace, which is immediately east of the existing terrace. The move will free the entire existing terrace for patient parking. The roof of the new terrace also supports the landing pad of the Air Med helicopters.

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