Rape Alleged at Kappa Sigma Chug-Off

By By U Wire

By U Wire

EMPORIA, Kan.?The investigation continues in allegations of sexual assault and use of the date-rape drug Rohypnol as well as allegations of alcohol abuse at the recent Kappa Sigma Chug-Off.

The office for student affairs is continuing its investigation of the report, though no information can be released at this time, according to Diane Bailiff, vice president for student affairs.

The same is true for the Emporia Police Department.

“We aren’t releasing any information at this point in the investigation,” said Sgt. Mark Schondelmaier.

Schondelmaier said a rape examination was performed and has been sent to the Kansas Bureau of Investigations, and testing for drugs was underway, but results could take as long as two weeks to come back.

The executive director of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, Mick Wilson, has been contacted and the chapter is also investigating the incident.

“We are aware of the incident and we are doing an investigation from our end,” Wilson said. “The district president will meet with campus officials and will talk to the members involved.”

There will not be any repercussions until the investigation is finished, according to Wilson. The national headquarters could take educational or disciplinary action against the chapter or against individuals involved, possibly a suspension of the chapter’s charter, he said.

The Interfraternity Council has issued a press release stating it will not conduct an investigation of its own and has chosen instead to accept the findings of other investigations when they become available.

According to Phil Covington, assistant director of the Memorial Union for Student Investigations and Greek Affairs, the investigation is expected to continue through spring break.

“There are a large number of issues we need to look at and the large number of people I need to talk to, to determine if the allegations are correct,” Covington said. “I’m pleased with the cooperation we’re getting from students coming forward to provide new information.”

As of press time there was no new information to release but Covington said. as it’s possible, new information will be made available.

The IFC would also like to remind everyone this is an alleged incident and no conclusions should be drawn about the men of Kappa Sigma until the investigation is complete, according to its statement.