Impact Dominates Races in Senate, General Assembly

The Impact Party dominated the race for General Assembly and Student Senate as well as winning the top executive offices.

Eight victorious senators and 35 new members of the Assembly ran with the Impact Party, while Elevation elected only six senators and 11 members of the Assembly. Steve Rinehart’s Probable Cause Party did not make it through the primary elections for president and vice president, but its sole candidate for Senate or Assembly, Stephanie Sankey from the College of Law, will serve in student government next year. Neither of the Apathy candidates survived through the final elections.

Letter in parentheses indicates party affiliation (I = Impact, E = Elevation) followed by number of votes.

Student SenateArchitectureM. Scott Woodruff (I) 19BusinessMicah Christensen (E) 163EngineeringRyan Hart (E) 178Fine ArtsBlake Barlow (I) 67HealthKevin Jensen (I) 70Humanities Russell Gerrard (E) 151LawStephanie Sankey (Probable Cause) 10MedicineWes Mortensen (E) 52Mines and Earth SciencesJulie Taylor (I) 36NursingStephanie Johnson (E) 52PharmacyPaige Meyer (I) 24Social and Behavior ScienceKristien Hixson McDonald (I) 195ScienceJessika Heaton (I) 127Social WorkRainey Boateng (I) 23University College Steve McConkie (I) 284

General AssemblyArchitectureJason Pratt (E) 11BusinessMegan Theurer (E) 190Kamron Dalton (I) 178Pete Campbell (I) 175Dave Black (I) 170Jim Bergstedt (I) 170David Irving (I) 165EducationNicole Goebel (I) 37Becky Hull (I) 33EngineeringPeter Plaizier (E) 140Nirzwan Bandolin (E) 138Darren Corey (E) 132Michael Vanderhooft (E) 130Fine ArtsEmily Petersen (I) 87Rachael Dailey (E) 73Lisa Gritton (I) 72HealthJennifer Phelps (independent) 60Brian Knudsen (I) 48HumanitiesSally Salkhordeh(E) 193Jason Davis (E) 190Nick Etherington (I) 172Jake Smith (I) 170LawJeremy Cook (I) 11MedicineMegan Wolthuius-Grunander (I) 45Mines and Earth SciencesDave Tibbitts (I) 38NursingAndrea Winegar (I) 46PharmacyKellee Goodwin (I) 25Social and Behavior ScienceJulie Hartman (I) 190Spencer Moffat (I) 187Rob Henriksen (I) 181Tiffany Watkins (I) 181Franz Kubak (I) 165Jeffrey Neu (I) 159ScienceEmily Allen (E) 150Dave McGowan (I) 146Kami Farnsworth (I) 145Amanda Pollock (E) 141Social WorkLaci Taft (I) 23University CollegeAllison Montgomery (I) 246Danielle McGuire (I) 239Kristina Chen (I) 239Kristen Redd (I) 236S. Grant Mack (I) 233Tarina Freimann (I) 231Mikel Gajkowski (I) 225Chris Berggren (I) 218Ali Hasnain (I) 211

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