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Y Fans Prove They Can Be Boorish, Too

Ever since I was a Ute fan, I have known the basic stereotypes. The Utes fan will do anything to ruin the BYU fans’ afternoon?whether that entails spilling beer on a fan’s head, throwing snow at a fan or just spitting on fans.

All this would happen while those angelic BYU fans would offer food, talk peacefully about the games and never fight back. And if they even did fight back, it would be one belligerent person and never a large group.

I usually never disagreed, but the U fans were never that bad?just the drunk ones. However, there was always something eerie about the Cougar fans.

I knew inside, each one of those fans has a dark side, one that I never wanted to see, but sick BYU fans were finally exposed in the weekend baseball series in Provo.

Sportsmanship itself between fans really has no boundaries, and there is always a group of fans that take it to the extreme.

Expecting the worst in games between two rivals who hate each other isn’t asking for too much, but even the Cougars’ fans have now proved capable of stepping over the line.

“I don’t mind the heckling, but when our fans are afraid to walk to their cars, and people are getting hurt, then it is taking it a bit too far,” U baseball pitcher Mitch Maio said.

Out of a crowd of about 2,500 people at Larry H. Miller Field this weekend, about 150 of them were Ute fans, and there were some horrific things done to those 150 fans.

“One little girl was crying because she was hit with a baseball when one of the Cougar fans threw it in the [U] fans’ general direction,” Maio said.

Wow?What bunch of great fans, hitting a girl with a baseball just weeks after news reports lament a little girl’s death caused by getting hit with a hockey puck.

After this incident, many of the fans were frightened by just walking to their cars.

Many fights broke out at the stadium, but I can actually deal with that, even though it is kind of weird seeing 150 Ute fans fighting off the masses of blue.

“Kind of cowardly if you ask me,” Maio said.

I knew Provo wasn’t a very diversified area, but taunting people because of the color of their skin is kind of old.

Not in Provo.

“One of the mothers of the players that is a minority was yelled at and was told to go back where she came from,” Maio said.

So the dark side of the Cougars fans’ personalities finally came out, and it came out in?who would have thought??a baseball game.

Now, how could I even blame the Cougar fans for what they did, after what I have seen the Ute fans do at many football games?

But I don’t care, because Ute fans don’t pride themselves on being good sports, as much the BYU fans do.

Every publication in the state has had something on how horrible the Ute fans are, whether it be from painting statues on the Cougars’ campus or throwing stuff at the BYU cheerleaders.

That’s fine. They probably did it, but now I will never deal with the BYU holier-than-thou attitude. Behind that smile, I know what is going through your head, and you will never fool me again.

Never again will I hear the constant compliments to the BYU fans and how well they treat opposing fans, even if they are Ute fans.

It holds no weight with me anymore, and never will. It doesn’t matter what the Ute fans do now, since they have already been placed at that “lower level” on the sportsmanship scale.

You have now sunk down to a level just as low or even lower than Ute fans.

It was only a matter of time before you could hold it down, and now you are playing a game in which you have no experience.

I would never want a Ute fan to start throwing objects in order to hurt the BYU fans. Maybe a little heckling, but it may just happen.

Oh well?How does it feel Cougar fans? You are now down to our level. Doesn’t it feel nice in this cesspool?

However, the athletes now have an extra incentive to win as well. “I don’t want anyone to get hurt, but when they come to Salt Lake, we are going to play that much harder to win every game,” Maio said.

Asad welcomes feedback at: [email protected].

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