Letter to the Editor: Romney’s Reality

By Brandon Bingham, First Year, U Medical School


Once again, I am a little perplexed by a Daily Utah Chronicle column. This time it was a little too off-the-cuff to ignore. John Morley’s March 26 column “Mitt Needs a Dose of Reality to Continue Success” was a rather weak attempt to go after someone just for the sake of going after them.

Can one really believe Mitt Romney does not know what “reality” is? True, he grew up in a wealthy family, but the vast extent of his success has stemmed from his own sweat. Can one graduate from Harvard with honors on Daddy’s purse strings alone? I don’t think so.

Mitt Romney has had a few hardships in his life. Did you know that his gorgeous wife has multiple sclerosis? I do not believe it is fair to categorize his life as a perpetual bliss within the ivory towers of perfection just yet. We all have our trials. Some of us certainly have more than others, some advertise these trials more than others.

Brandon Bingham, First Year, U Medical School