U Trustees Say Goodbye to Lowe, Hello to Edwards

After three weeks of elections hype, Bill Edwards slept like a baby Friday night. But Monday morning, he rose early to meet with the Board of Trustees.

Winning the Associated Students of the University of Utah presidential seat by 56 votes, Edwards will soon sit on the U’s highest governing body, representing 27,000 students.

Current student body president Ben Lowe will hand over the seat to the presidency May 3 to Edwards, a fellow Sigma Chi fraternity member.

Lowe said he advises Edwards to be proactive on any issue the board considers that will or could affect students.

“Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion,” Lowe said.

But with Trustees like former Sen. Jake Garn and Hope Eccles, as well as local businessman Bud Scruggs?listed in a Deseret News poll as one of the 20 most powerful Utahns last summer?it may be easier said than done.

“He just needs to let Trustees know how students feel about everything. They are receptive to a student opinion,” Lowe said.

Although many of the Trustees graduated from the U and all of them are connected to the U community in some way, Trustees don’t have the insights into campus life that students have, Lowe said.

Edwards said he hopes to always consider students’ best interests before acting as a Trustee.

Trustees Chairman Jim Macfarlane took a moment to thank Lowe for his service to students before the board passed a motion recognizing his work on behalf of students, saying, “[Lowe] improved the quality of the Trustees.”

U President Bernie Machen referred to ASUU’s leadership as “stellar,” listing Lowe’s organization of a student and community vigil held two days after the Sept. 11 tragedy among his accomplishments.

He said Lowe has made “significant accomplishments” and has also been willing to understand the difficulties caused by the budget siltation.

“Edwards has got big shoes to fill,” said Trustee Gloria Wilkinson.

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