Letter to the Editor: Committee had Pointless Argument

By Tiffin Brough, Senior, Asian Studies

Dear Editor:

I am a K-UTE deejay and have been following the funding debate between the Associated Students of the University of Utah and K-UTE with concern.

It seems to me this budget process has become an ugly, all-out fight on a personal level between some of the parties on either side. The Chronicle reported Friday that “neither side thought the [Senate ad hoc Committee] meeting was worthwhile.”

My interpretation is: Neither side could hear the other. At least that’s how it seemed. I attended the meeting as a student representative for K UTE, though I was not entirely prepared.

I wasn’t informed of what the committee was supposed to investigate, exactly. Funding something, or what. As it turns out, having a goal didn’t matter much.

Discussion between the major players was nothing more than a pointless argument, rather than a constructive process of exploration.

The reasons for communication difficulties between ASUU and K-UTE leadership need to be resolved in order to have a productive relationship.

While frustrations threaten to undermine finding a solution that everyone will be happy with, it is a comfort that everyone is working for a solution which ultimately has the students of this university at its center.

K-UTE is a great resource for the students who run it and the students who listen.

I hope that ASUU remains committed to the students with continuing efforts to help their radio station thrive.

Tiffin Brough, Senior, Asian Studies