Edwards Appoints Former Campaign Officer Spilker as His Chief of Staff

Heidi Spilker has been appointed chief of staff for next year’s ASUU administration.

“Chief of staff is an incredible position,” the 20 year-old political science and Middle Eastern studies major said. “I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

The chief of staff serves like a third-in-command to the president and vice president. Spilker is responsible for leading and coordinating the approximately 20-member Executive Cabinet, which oversees the various boards on the Associated Students of the University of Utah.

Student Body President-elect Bill Edwards said he wanted his chief of staff to be dedicated, meticulous and detail oriented?someone who can get things done “behind the scenes.”

Spilker was campaign coordinator for Edwards’ Impact Party, which dominated the Student Senate and General Assembly races in addition to winning student body and senior class presidents.

Spilker’s participation in the campaign “didn’t tip the scales” in favor of her appointment, Edwards said.

“Heidi is a dedicated person,” Edwards said. “Her dedication is something that really influenced our decision.”

Apart from doing the “best job” she possibly can and establishing good relationships with Cabinet members, Spilker has no specific plans for next year.

“We haven’t really sat down and discussed anything,” she said. “This is all new?I’m sure something will come up.”

A sophomore, Spilker is an Assembly member from University College. Outside of ASUU, she has written for the Latter-day Saint Student Association publication the Century and worked with the Bennion Community Service Center. Her favorite Bennion Center project was the Special Olympics.

“[The athletes] were so excited when they came and got their medals,” she said. “It was so cute.”

Though Spilker has been appointed, she has not yet been officially approved by the Senate. According to Senate Chairwoman Kristien Hixson McDonald, that doesn’t really matter though. Many people serve in executive positions without Senate approval.

Applications for Executive Cabinet positions are due this Friday. Edwards said he’s already received about 30. Next week, he, Spilker and others will interview the applicants and decide who to appoint by the following weekend.

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