Student Sample: What do you think of K-UTE, the student radio station at the U?

I have no idea what it is. I probably wouldn’t listen to it even if I had heard of it.Colby EngarJunior, Exercise Physiology

I really don’t care if K-UTE was here or not.Analaur BrownJunior, French

I know that K-UTE exists, but I don’t listen to it regularly. Sometimes I’ll sit upstairs in the Union and listen. They have pretty good music.Siddharth GharpuireGraduate student, Mechanical Engineering

I don’t have an opinion on K UTE because I’ve never heard of it.Mike ShirleyJunior, Biology

K-UTE needs to advertise more. I grew up in England, where the radio was part of my life. The radio stations would let you know what was on and when, so that they’d have habit listeners. That’s what K-UTE needs.Yvonne BudenbergJunior, German and English

Student radio stations are a good way to let students get involved. At every university I’ve been to, they always have student radio stations.Shannon StowellJunior, English and Chinese

I’d like to know how many students really do listen to K UTE. I don’t know whether the student radio station is a good or bad thing.Nicole StonesSophomore, Pre-pharmacy