Letter to the Editor: No Need to Coddle Protesters

By By Jennifer Rose and By Jennifer Rose

By Jennifer Rose


I would like to comment on Devan Hite’s August 27 article on protesters at Temple Square. These protesters appear to be quite independent. They all pay their own ways to travel to Salt Lake City, and they devote three to eight hours of their daily schedules to demonstrate.

Hite made them out to be pitiful victims who aren’t even allowed to use the bathroom. But I’m sure they know, from their vast careers in protesting, that at some point they will have to get a drink of water and use the bathroom. In downtown Salt Lake City bathrooms and drinking fountains aren’t exclusive to Temple Square?protesters could try the malls or buy a water bottle. And yet these protesters are boldly wanting to use the facilities of the organization they are protesting. That would be like fur protesters sticking their heads in a fur coat store and asking to use the phone.

Who blames the owners for saying no? Everyone has seen the signs in retail stores and restaurants that say, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” Owners of private properties have the right to ban anyone?for any reason?from their properties. If protesters came to my home and hounded me about my beliefs, doings or what I was wearing that day, I really wouldn’t invite them into my home to share a glass of lemonade.

And what an extraordinarily heavy-handed photo of the LDS temple behind intimidating black iron gates. I see The Chronicle hasn’t changed much.

Jennifer Rose

Alumna, 2001