Letter to the Editor: Fighting For the School Song

By Lisa Gibson and John Blodgett


I’m writing in response to Jared Whitley’s column on Sept. 4, “I’d Like To Meet Our Lame Fight Song in a Muss.” I have been in the marching band for the last four years. I cannot tell you how many times I have played that song. If played wrong it sounds like a polka! As a rookie I had to learn all four verses of the song. Be glad that you only know the first two.

Last year someone did attempt to write a politically correct fight song for us after it was trashed in Sports Illustrated! But the one we have is just fine. It would be nice if everyone learned the words, then we could out-sing BYU, which, by the way, puts the words up on the screen. You should ask a member of the band for our slightly different words to the fight song. We have spiced it up ever so slightly.

Lisa GibsonSenior, Math


I’m responding to Jared Whitley’s Sept. 4 column. Just think how the band feels? I’m a member of the U marching band and you wouldn’t believe the crap we get just from the “mickey mouse”-type melody! Travelling with the various athletic teams across the country and listening to other school songs and then playing ours is at times quite embarrassing.

However, we in the Band have come to have pride in our school song and realize it will never change because of tradition, and our goal is to bring out as much spirit and excitement for that song as we can! If you ask any member of the band to sing the words, they can. However we’re so into the music that we’re glad we don’t have to sing the words.

John BlodgettSenior, Psychology