Letter to the Editor: Ad Sexualizes School-Age Girls

By Josilyn Miller Mork


I don’t mean to crash the party, but does The Chronicle really need the advertising dollars that badly?

The ad for the SEKTOR7CARTEL.com party, EXPELLED, is beyond poor taste.

It sexualizes schoolage girls by showing provocatively posed adult women dressed in school uniforms sized for 8-year-olds and the words “naughty boys and girls” in large print in a corner of the ad.

Despite the recent rash of acts of sexual violence against school-age girls, this ad seems to promote the sexualization of those girls.

This is outrageously insensitive to local victims and their families and schoolmates. Think of the young Midvale girl who was raped while being beaten in the face with a hammer and Elizabeth Smart, who may have been a victim of sexual abuse.

I realize The Chronicle’s circulation is mostly local, so this ad won’t be offending the families of the three victims in California I can think of right off the top of my head, but come on. These are local events.

This ad might be viewed by the younger siblings of University students, or children of faculty and staff, some of whom might be classmates of local victims.

This could only add to the children’s trauma. By making the sexualization of children seem acceptable, it could even add to the problem.

Josilyn Miller MorkLandscape GardenerGrounds Department