Letter to the Editor: U Health Plan and Birth Control

By By Kelli C. Lund and By Kelli C. Lund

By Kelli C. Lund


The Students for Choice group sincerely appreciates coverage of our events by The Chronicle. Because our group prides itself on honesty and accuracy of information, it was frustrating to find numerous errors, exaggerations and blatantly incorrect facts in The Chronicle’s recent article, “Students for Choice Plan Out Year” (Sept. 5).

We would like to set the record straight about this year’s plans to ask the U to cover prescription birth control and annual exams in its student health plan. One of our goals for contraceptive equity is to collect over 2,000 petitions by February 2003 as a way to foster dialogue with U leadership and to show support for this important issue. Schools across the country petitioning for similar coverage have been able to include prescription contraceptives and annual exams without increasing student co-pay rates. An example is the decision made this week at George Washington University to include contraceptive coverage in student health plans.

There are nearly 30,000 U students of reproductive age, yet the administration seems to ignore real health care needs when the student health plan only covers illness and injury. Students for Choice believe that women’s reproductive health and women’s rights have long been overlooked.

By making these disparities salient on campus we are informing our peers about ways we can all improve our community. We are grateful for the support we have received from students, staff, campus security and this newspaper. We look forward to continuing our work with all of these groups.

Kelli C. LundCo-Director, Students for ChoiceSenior, Biological Chemistry