Letter to the Editor: Redfest Misses the Point

By By Steve Davis and By Steve Davis

By Steve Davis


I pride myself on being one of the smartest guys on campus. However, it does not take brilliance to see that this year’s Redfest activities are going down the toilet. In fact, they never even had a chance at success to begin with.

First of all, it seems to me that by charging students to see no-name acts, Redfest organizers are asking students to not come at all. I thought the purpose of charging money was so we could get some big names here. I remember when the Dave Matthews Band came a few years ago. That was a concert worth paying for during Redfest.

But this year is a joke. I can go see Mix Master Mike, but why pay if I can’t see the Beastie Boys? We are asked to pay money to see the Spitfire tour. It’s just a bunch of political activists asking for money to spread their views. I should do the same thing.

If anybody has read this far, you owe me five bucks. After all, I’m an activist.

These clowns want their word out so badly, yet we have to pay to hear it? They should be paying me to listen to them.

Also, we spend a lot of money erecting temporary fences around the union and hiring security to make sure only paying customers can see these acts. Why not just keep the concerts free and not build the fences?

Finally, the next time a band like the String Cheese Incident asks for an $80,000 performance fee, tell them to stick it, we can do better than that. I’ll play for fifty bucks and I can guarantee that more people know the name Steve Davis than know the String Cheese Incident.

Steve Davis

Senior, Political Science