Letter to the Editor: Have Open Mind for Redfest

By By Chris Sheehan and By Chris Sheehan

By Chris Sheehan


I’m writing in response to the Sept. 20 letter to the editor by Steve Davis, “Redfest Misses the Point.”

Davis says he prides himself on being one of the smartest people on campus, but it sounds like his mind is pretty closed to me.

I am only a freshman, so this is my first Redfest, but it seems to me that the point of Redfest is to allow students to expand their minds, try new things, meet new people and have fun.

Davis sounds like he’s way too busy complaining about the bands not being good enough to do any of that.

Maybe, just maybe, if Davis would take the time to turn the radio station off and come out to listen to the bands, he might find something that he likes. Or if he could get over the fact that his name isn’t on the Spitfire Tour and go see the tour’s activists speak, he might hear something that he agrees with or that he never thought of before.

It sounds to me like he’s too afraid to try something new, and too set on what’s popular at the time.

He said he wants Dave Matthews Band and not these no-name “clowns”. Well where does he think Dave Matthews Band started out?

He also said that “by charging people to see no-name acts, Redfest organizers are asking students to not come at all”.

The only people Redfest organizers are asking not to come are people like Davis.

Chris Sheehan

Freshman, Undeclared