Letter to the Editor: New Web Design Improvement

By Christopher Condrat


After reading about the new beta for the U Web site, http://www.utah.edu/beta/, I decided to pay a visit to see what the proposed design would be. In a word, the design is awful.

The site looks tacky and amateurish, from type to layout. The menu system on the current Web page may be a pain to use, but how is this one any better?

And why is the webmaster using Macromedia Flash? Flash is for animations or visually complex sites, not for a site intended to reach a large audience. Regrettably, our art department webmaster has also been lured by Flash’s illusions of grandeur (http://www.art.utah.edu/), only to put it to bad use.

One last comment: Hire out a professional design firm to design the site, even if it costs money. Shop around. A well-designed Web page says a lot about the quality of the school.

Christopher Condrat

Junior, Electrical Engineering