Letter to the Editor: Rethinking Iraq

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I applaud Sheena McFarland’s Sept. 24 article, “Iraqi Student Opposes Bush’s Invasion,” and admire Hiba Al-Zahawi for sharing her experience of the Persian Gulf War, and for voicing her opposition to the Bush administration’s push for a war. I was struck by Al-Zahawi’s observation that “There doesn’t seem to be much concern or reaction from the U.S. people. It seems to be something in the background right now.”

The United States must surely have the most sophisticated propaganda system in the world. During the Clinton administration, the Pentagon estimated that 10,000 Iraqi people will probably die if the United States invades, and yet the media rarely allows sufficient discussion regarding this very issue.

Furthermore, there is hardly any discussion regarding how the Reagan administration supported Hussein during his worst atrocities. How does such a simple fact fall through our collective memory?

Why aren’t there more people asking, “Why did the Reagan administration give Iraq covert support for its war against Iran while knowing that Hussein might use chemical weapons?” Let’s not forget that top Bush administration officials, like Donald Rumsfeld and other right wing nuts, served under the Reagan administration.

Yes, the U.S. must certainly have the most sophisticated propaganda system. CNN, Fox News and others apparently do not find the value in repeating obvious contradictions. Is it that difficult to draw our attention to these obvious maneuvers of government deception?

Mcfarland’s interview with Al-Zahawi was a breath of fresh air, and it gave me courage to speak out against the reckless Bush administration’s war aims in Iraq.

Jeff Hullinger

Staff, Marriott Library