Rainbow Flags Are Offensive

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What’s up with the rainbow flags hung up as part of a gay pride celebration on campus last week? It’s just another example of the minority imposing its view on the majority.

I don’t find a pot of gold at the end of this diversity rainbow. I find a double standard and hypocrisy. If gays and lesbians want to celebrate their sexuality, fine. More power to them. But they have no right to place flags where students pass by on campus.

I’ve got an idea: Let’s put pictures of Jesus all over campus the week before Christmas, or swastikas for neo-Nazi groups. And I can make the same argument that gays and lesbians do: “Why not? You’re displaying your beliefs to us. How come I can’t display my belief that Adolf Hitler was a great man? I’m not hurting anybody, am I?”

Obviously, this behavior is offensive and unwelcome. I know I can’t compare the level of offense from homosexuality with Nazism?the latter is far more offensive and destructive.

However, just as Nazism destroyed Europe, some view homosexuality as a threat to very sacred elements of society. Sexual preference is a defining characteristic for gays and lesbians, and that’s fine?it’s their choice. However, that doesn’t give them the right to wave it in my face, especially on campus!

If I had the same rights as gays and lesbians, I would replace pictures of Santa Claus on campus with Jesus because I believe he is the savior of mankind. But school property is not the place for it.

Of course, gays and lesbians claim they are celebrating diversity and awareness. But if I were to celebrate Christianity or heterosexuality on campus, I’d be called a bigot.

If you gays and lesbians are offended by this, then you know how I feel.

Bart Gatrell

Graduate Student, Political Science