Ute Football Woes

By [email protected]

I’ve been saying it for the past 5 years, and now it seems all Ute opponents have finally figured it out: repeated ten-yards-or-greater passes against our abysmal, yet inexplicably highly touted, secondary will win the game.

It seems everyone thought (myself included until 5 minutes into the SDSU game) that the quarterback postition was our weakness. Just put in someone who actually reads the field instead of forcing a 3-yard pass to his primary reciever every down, and suddenly our offense will have wheels.

Saturday was evidence, though, that our problems run much deeper than the QB position. We have defensive backs who repeatedly get burned due to their inability to look for the ball. (Guys, it doesn’t matter that you stay with the receiver if you don’t know where the ball is.) The press talks about how incredibly talented our team is, but we can’t put together a complete game to save our lives.

All the talent in the world means nothing withought a competent coaching staff to teach you the game. The question is, how long do we, as Ute football fans, allow the current coaching staff to waste our time, money and energy, as well as some fine talent?

We can’t fire Ron McBride; afterall, as the local media constantly reminds us, he’s the second winningest coash in U. history. People, we’re not talking about storied Ohio State or Michigan football here, we’re talking about Utah football. We could probably lose the rest of this season’s and all of next season’s games, and he’d still hold that distinction.

The bottom line is, Ute football is the same this year as it ever was, with only one difference: we have a good kicker. And it will never change under the direction of Ron McBride.

Jim OttoGraduate StudentPharmacology & Toxicology