Letter to the Editor: Greeks Need Better Support

By Nerbonne, Nicholas

Editor:The Chronicle’s Oct. 10 editorial, “The Same Old Greek Story” misses a couple of important points. While it may be true that U greeks are well represented in Salt Lake City offices and university administration, it’s not appropriate to blame them for the ongoing bickering between U fraternities and their neighbors. The reason complaints continue is the lack of support that these important student organizations have had from university administrators for years. Instead of talking to the students, learning about their concerns and then representing them in neighborhood meetings, U officials have left the greeks on their own to represent themselves.I worked under two administrations in the ASUU executive cabinet. For two years, almost all of the officers were members of greek organizations. That greeks occupy multiple offices of our university’s administration speaks to the commitment and desire that members of these organizations possess. My old fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, has been at the U since 1914. Other fraternities have been at the U for similar lengths of time. It is time for the U to point out this fact to neighbors that buy homes within 100 yards of multiple fraternities. Let’s inform these neighbors that Greek organizations will not be leaving campus any time soon. Our university’s strength depends on it.Nicholas Nerbonne Class of 1997