Letter to the Editor: Hang Those Rainbow Flags High

By By Robison, Dana and By Robison, Dana

By Robison, Dana


I write this in response to Bart Gatrell’s October 14 letter to the editor, “Rainbow Flags are Offensive.”

“Sexual preference” is a misnomer. Gatrell would probably argue that he cannot readily change his “preference” for females or his rather obvious homophobic lack of attraction for males. However, homosexuals have no more control over their sexual attractions than heterosexuals.

Sometimes it takes people until mid-life to “come out of the closet.” The reason for that suppression and denial is attributable to people such as Gatrell who refuse to accept homosexual people as viable members of society.

If Gatrell had the same limited legal rights as gays and lesbians and knew what it was like to live in constant fear of being persecuted or even physically harmed, he just might change his unbelievably bigoted attitude and be a little more respectful.

It is most certainly not disrespectful for a population to declare its presence, especially on a college campus. Those flags represent decades of hard work by dedicated people to make the homosexual presence in this country known.

Oh, and go ahead and hang all the Jesus posters you want. Lots of gays are Christian, too! And although I’m not a Christian, I’m fairly sure that Christians believe Jesus taught tolerance and patience. So, go for it. A little tolerance and patience around here might be nice.

Dana Robison

Junior, Mechanical Engineering